Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Fact!

Quick fact: 1/3 of the Twitter® population is ruled by animals!

#missmillyfuneral, The First Ever RE Funeral!

(music plays... meow MeOw MEOW!!!!) New on Sir Sammy News… #missmillyfuneral, the first ever RE funeral! And here is Sir Sammy! (clap... clap... clap... clap…)
Thank you… CHAD! And welcome to a very special edition of sirsammynews! Today we are here to talk about the #missmillyfuneral. We all know that missmillycat passed away from a car accident. But what you didn't know is that a RE #missmillyfuneral is going to take place on Monday June, 14 2010 at 1:00 pm Central Daylight Time. I hope you'll be there!

(music plays once more) Well, I'm Sir Sammy and I'll se you next time!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Army of 1,000,000... The Story of Sockington

(music plays... meow MeOw MEOW!!!!) New on Sir Sammy News... The army of 1,000,000... The story of Sockington. And here is Sir Sammy! (clap... clap... clap... clap...)
Thank you... Um... Um... Chad! I got it! O.K. today's story is about the army of one million! That belongs to... The one and only... (drum roll plays) SOCKINGTON!
The question is, HOW? Well if you look at his twitter profile, then you'll see that he had tweeted over 6,000 times! Well, maybe the other twitter pets will have an army someday as there followers grow slowly. I never could get ahold Sockington or his owner. But if I do I will ask him questions and give you updates!

(music plays once more...) Well, I'm Sir Sammy and I'll see you next time!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pets on twitter

(music plays... meow MeOw MEOW!!!!) New on Sir Sammy News... Are pets going to rule Twitter?
And here is Sir Sammy! (clap...clap...clap...clap...)

Thank you talker guy! New on Sir Sammy News! Have pets on twitter start to take over? Well I don't really know but, There is 6,500 animals on twitter! Lets head over to a twitter guy!
(Finding Twitter manager...) UM... Well I'll say that soon there will be millions of twitter pets and I do think that in a couple of years twitter animals will take over... The whole twitter thing was about tweeting like a bird... and a bird is an animal!

(music plays once more...) Well I'm Sir Sammy and I'll see you next time!

#pawpawty on twitter

That's right! There was a twitter party on 01/01/2010! The purpose of the party was for all the twitter pets to have fun and talk about there new year. You can make a party to! All you have to do is put this after your tweet: #nameofparty
It won't be a party until it gets more and more people talking about it! Once lots of twitterers join then you can go to and search for your party! then you can tweet their!


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